Complete Beer Analysis in Four Minutes

The modular PBA-B “Packaged Beverage Analyzer for Beer” from Anton Paar determines density and specific gravity, alcohol content, original extract, extract content, apparent extract, degree of fermentation, CO2 content and other important quality parameters of beer and beer mixtures. As PBA-B takes the sample directly from the package, no sample preparation is necessary. PBA-B performs all measurements in one cycle. This makes the analysis four times quicker than with conventional methods: The results are ready after only four minutes.

Adjustment and calibration are simple, requiring only water and an alcohol/water solution. One single adjustment is valid for all samples. PBA-B measures non-alcoholic beers, beer mixtures, fermenting beers, finished beers and cider. Adding optional Plug and Play modules allows the additional measurement of color and pH, O2 and turbidity. A further valuable addition is the Xsample 510 package sampler, which automatically fills sample from up to 18 different glass bottles, PET bottles and cans into the PBA-B system.


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