Check out the World's First Commercial 17-micron Pixel Size LWIR Thermal Imager

FLIR's Tau 640 is a 640x512 LWIR uncooled focal plane array (FPA) camera with a pixel size of 17 microns.

Tau outputs NTSC video at 30 frames per second (fps) as a standard, or PAL video at 25 fps. A "slow video" option is available that exempts the camera from export license requirements. The slow video rate is 7.5 fps for NTSC and 8.3 fps for PAL.

A number of optional accessories provide additional Tau connectivity, including a Photon replicator board that enables backward compatibility with Photon accessories, and a VPC (video/ power/ communications) expansion board that features power & communication over USB.

Some key features of the Tau 640 camera are listed below.
  • Field switchable between NTSC and PAL video formats
  • CMOS and BT.656 digital video options, as well as the legacy Photon LVDS
  • High-speed serial camera communication up to 921,600 baud (via the Tau VPC serial-to-USB Accessory)
  • Advanced, user-friendly interface for camera control and configuration
  • On-board image capture and storage
  • Camera power and communication over USB option (via the Tau VPC serial-to-USB Accessory)
  • EMI suppression to Class B with rear cover installed, and Class A without rear cover
  • Up to 200g shock tolerance
  • Discrete camera control functions available to OEMs
  • Multiple lens options available in wide and narrow fields of view
  • Wide field of view lenses sealed to IP-67
  • Threaded WFOV lens barrel for bulkhead mounting or external attachment options
  • Field upgradable software/firmware
  • Support for user-defined symbology
  • Supplemental FFC software feature allows OEMs to calibrate out lens effects to improve image quality
  • Customers can load their own start-up splash screen (minimum purchase required)


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