Bringing the Best out of the Best: MIPAC Makes the most of IsaMill™ Advances

MIPAC’s engineers are working closely with Xstrata Technology to provide tailored design, control, instrumentation and commissioning for at least a dozen IsaMill™ installations in Canada, Peru and Australia.

The IsaMill™, the most energy efficient, highest-intensity, large-scale grinding machine on the market, has a smaller footprint than equivalent ball and tower mills, and more streamlined installation and maintenance requirements.

Widely used in base metals, PGM, iron ore, industrial applications and gold processing plants, it is the preferred choice for regrinding concentrates, fine/ultra-fine grinding and mainstream grinding.

“We have recently completed design, FAT, procurement and checking an IsaMill™ package destined for Peru,” MIPAC project manager Brian Forrester says.

“Our engineers have demonstrated the ability to apply local standards and seamlessly integrate these packages into a number of large projects.

“At any one time, MIPAC interfaces with numerous EPCMs around the world including Hatch, Bechtel, Jacobs, SNC-Lavilin, and Fluor/AMEC.”


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