ARBOR Products Won the 8th National Brand Yushan Award

ARBOR's slim mobile POS tablet computer G1050 and robust in-vehicle system FPC-3502 was awarded Best Product of the 8th National Brand Yushan Award.

This award is named as Yushan, the highest mountain in Taiwan, as the symbol of nobility, brilliance and permanence. Yushan Award focuses on enhancing design, innovation and manufacture capability, and brings more and more Taiwan's own brand into the world.

ARBOR has put great effort in developing embedded computer products and offering professional solutions for customers since founded. As the increasing need of logistics and in-vehicle market, ARBOR has been offering a series of solution for customers and the G1050 and FPC-3502 are designed for the purpose.

Same as last year, the G1050 and FPC-3502 were selected as the Best Product of Yushan Award. The innovation and functionality are the primary winning reasons for these two products. The Yushan Award not only demonstrates ARBOR products' performance, but also approves our efforts in embedded areas.


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