Advantech - The New MIO-5270 from Advantech, for Flat and Low-Cost Designs

Advantech has developed and released a new and innovative board concept in the 3.5" format.

With this board Advantech combines the advantages of a modular concept (flat design, simple adaptable thermal design via heat spreader) with those of a 3.5" SBC (short time to market, cost-effective design, elimination of baseboard development).

In conjunction with the G-series processors from AMD with an extremely low-power design and outstanding graphics performance, this board family is not only an excellent solution for the digital signage market; it is also suitable as a front end control for demanding HMI systems.

With the unprecedented MI/O design, where MI/O stands for multiple I/O, the "MI/O extensionTM" can be used for finished and even proprietary add-on boards. Similar to a modular design, the diversity of applications is virtually unlimited. Storage solutions, further display interfaces and other I/O ports are also conceivable, such as custom solutions for Framegrabbing controllers and much more.

All documents required for a successful design, as the interface description from the "MI/O extensionTM" as well as detailed drawings and CAD files for planning an own housing solution are available.

Please contact us if you are interested in an innovative design solution.


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