ADSQ-1410 : DATEL Quad Sampling A/D Converter Combines Low Noise and Excellent Dynamic Performance for a Wide Range of Image Processing Applications

  • Functionally complete, quad 14-Bit, 10 MSPS A/D converter
  • 0.5 LSB RMS DC noise with no missing codes
  • Excellent dynamic performance with SNR of 80dB
  • Choice of SMT or TDIP through-hole packages
DATEL has introduced a new quad sampling Analog to Digital (A/D) converter for image processing applications where low noise performance and the ability to convert full-scale step input signals at a 10MHz conversion rate is required. The ADSQ-1410 converter builds on a product family that already includes 10 MHz, 14-Bit dual and single A/D products. The ADSQ-1410 is a functionally complete, quad 14-Bit resolution, 10 mega samples per second (MSPS) converter. The new module has excellent dynamic performance (SNR 80dB) making it ideal for both time and multi-channel frequency domain applications.

Typical applications for the 66-pin SMT or TDIP through-hole packaged ADSQ-1410 include medical imaging, radar, sonar, communications and general instrumentation. A 2.5V precision internal reference, along with individual analog input range selection pins, provides ideal tracking over temperature while allowing each channel to be independently configured for an analog input range of ±1V to ±2.5V. The new cost effective, functionally complete modules require only ±5V for internal analog supplies and 2V to 5V supply for logic outputs.

The ADSQ-1410 uses a single rising edge triggered start convert signal to control the conversion of all four A/Ds. 2V to 5V digital CMOS outputs are multiplexed into pairs providing two parallel, three-state output buses. Four independent enable control pins offer individual output data and overflow/ underflow selection.

Operating temperature range for the ADSQ-1410 is 0°C to +70°C and overall package dimensions are 3.4in. x 1.1in. x 0.39in. (86.36mm x 27.94mm x 9.91mm).


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