ADSD-1420S Dual 14-Bit A/D Converters Provide 20MSPS Performance for Commercial, Industrial, and Military Applications

  • 14-bit resolution; 20MSPS sampling rate
  • Functionally complete; ±2.5V input range
  • No missing codes over full temperature range
  • Edge-triggered
  • ±5V supplies, 1.6 Watts
  • 75dB SNR, -80dB THD
  • Ideal for both time and frequency-domain applications
DATEL has added the ADSD-1420S and ADSD-1420S-EX to its range of dual sampling A/D converters. The functionally complete 14-Bit resolution modules provide a 20 mega samples per second (MSPS) sampling rate with no missing codes over their full temperature range.

The ADSD-1420S is designed for commercial applications and has an operating temperature range of 0ºC to +70ºC. The ADSD-1420EX has an operating temperature range of -55ºC to +125ºC, suitable for more demanding industrial or military applications.

The new edge triggered modules have a ±2.5V input range and are suited to both time and wideband frequency-domain applications. They offer signal-to-noise ratio performance of 75dB, plus total harmonic distortion of -80dB making them ideal for designs with low-noise requirements. Typical applications include high-speed data acquisition systems, medical instruments, radar I/Q, DSP, and automatic test equipment (ATE) for military, industrial or commercial applications.

Housed in an industry standard 40-pin, triple-wide, SMT DIP, the ADSD-1420S and ADSD-1420S-EX contain: two fast-settling sample/hold amplifiers; two 14-Bit A/D converters; multiplexed output buffers; a precision reference; and all the timing and control logic necessary to operate from either one or two single start convert pulses. The reference can be "daisy-chained" to allow multiple modules to be used together to create larger A/D systems.

The new modules are fully FFT tested, and require only a ±5V supply while consuming just 1.6W typical. The separate digital voltage pin can be set to 5V or 3V to allow compatibility with systems using either logic level.


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