XVC Tower Lights, XVR Rotating Mirror Beacons and XVS Sirens and Electronics Alarms

Advanced indication and signaling solutions for customizable performance.

Harmony XVC Tower Lights offer pre-wired, one piece con­struction with five color combinations and integrated buzzer options in 40mm, 60mm and 100mm diameters. The entire XVC range meets IP54 (NEMA 12 and 3R) degree of protection.
Save installation time and money with the pre-wired, color coded, one piece construction con­figuration and eliminate the need to select and wire individual colored lenses, buzzers and lamps.
Key Features:
  •     Up to 5 illuminated signaling units
  •     Steady light or flashing SuperbrightTM LEDs
  •     Available in red, orange, green, blue or clear
  •     Available with or without an audible buzzer (up to 85 decibels)
  •     3 screws for base mounting or aluminum support tube with a bracket
  •     IP54 (NEMA 12 and 3R), UL508 Listed, CSA certified and CE marked
Schneider Electric line of Harmony XVR Rotating Mirror Beacons and XVS Sirens & Elec­tronic Alarms.

The XVS Sirens and Electronic Alarms are audible signaling units for long distance indication of the operating status or sequences of a machine. Typical applications are on conveyor lines and automated industrial vehicles. The XVS Siren includes up to 43 selectable tones with volume control up to 105 decibels. The XVS Electronic Alarms have 16 selectable tones or melodies with 4 inputs and volume control up to 90 decibels.

XVR Rotating Mirror Beacons are available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt versions in a variety of long-life LED colors including red, orange, green and blue. All XVR products are pre-wired from the factory for time-saving installation. All devices are IP23 (similar to NEMA Type 1 general pur­pose rating) and many devices can be upgraded to IP65 (similar to NEMA Type 4 watertight and dust-tight rating) with optional rubber base.


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