Wamco Increases Focus by Offering its LCD Capabilities to the Industry Under a Distinct Business Unit

Wamco is pleased to reveal its plan to increase focus on its LCD product line under a new business unit. This decision has led to the launch of Wamco Displays, which will be solely dedicated to serving new and existing customers that require high reliability ruggedized AMLCD modules, using standard or custom LCD cells. Historically, such activities were managed within the Optical Products business unit. In fact, Wamco has already been engaged in servicing aerospace and ground military applications by supplying custom and standard LCD modules that integrated customized optical components such as optical filters, EMI and heater glass, and custom backlights. Customer demands have continuously increased for high reliability, high value AMLCD modules for niche applications, which is what ultimately led to the development of Wamco Displays.

As a result of this change, the expertise developed over the years, and born from an in-depth knowledge of AMLCD applications, will now be promoted under the Wamco Displays brand. This will leverage Wamco’s material science capabilities in designing and manufacturing optical elements for AMLCD, Wamco’s proven expertise in optical bonding, and Wamco’s unique relationship in Asia.

In order to support this organizational restructuring, Wamco has proudly appointed Jim Kennedy as Director of Wamco Displays. Jim has been involved in the LCD industry since 1989. Over the years, he has developed a broad understanding of all facets of the industry from supply chain dynamics, design strategies, manufacturing, and market landscape. Prior to joining Wamco, Jim was President of TrueVision Displays and AZ Displays. He first started his career at All American after which he became a key contributor at Vertex Display. We invite you to engage Jim with any AMLCD challenges you might have.

Wamco understands light behavior at the quantum level. With its expertise in material science and in-depth understanding of optics, Wamco has become a leader in the aerospace and defense industry. Wamco has mastered precise energy management technologies in a broad range of UV, visible, NIR and infrared applications.


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