Convenient Wireless Outdoor Installations

With its IP 68 degree of protection, the round plug connector system gesis®IP+ by Wieland Electric is particularly suited for tough industry environments and for outdoor use. The 4-port gesis®RC RST-0/4 switch with integrated EnOcean radio technology makes the system even more versatile.

The four outputs for 230 V and max. 6 A each can be controlled separately via standard EnOcean sensor functions. The receivers (outputs) can be operated via remote control, from radio pushbuttons or via building automation gateways. This makes both easy and complex applications possible. The supply cable is connected to an unswitched output, so that an additional distribution box can be connected. Two LED controllers from the system family can be connected to each switched output. A transformer for low-voltage halogen lights is also available. The distribution box is UV-resistant and designed for ambient temperatures of -25 °C to 55 °C. The transmission frequency used is 868.3 MHz.

The RST installation system for pluggable electrical installations can be used in gardens, outdoor facilities and objects. Outdoor installations often consist of many different spotlights, ground lights, water feature lighting, transformers, and pumps. Easy handling of the system makes the electrical installation quick and safe. In temporary facilities such as holiday or event lighting in public areas, the components can be quickly disassembled and reused.

DIY store solutions cannot meet the complexity of larger systems; they do not often include an interface for building automation, or no quality switch programs to match the house installation design are available. DIY solutions often lack a high IP degree of protection for outdoor use and additional casings must be used.


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