ARBOR Launches Fanless Communication Controller for Smart Energy

To meet the professional needs of smart energy automation, ARBOR technology has rolled out the latest embedded Box PC Ares-2367I, which targets at power related industry including substation, power institute, automatic meter reading (AMR) and renewable energy systems.

The Ares-2367I offers 14 COM ports and 6 RJ-45 ports to connect with various devices for data transmitting. It supports serial port with 2kV digital isolation and 15kV ESO protection for preventing any damages caused by over voltage or static electricity.

ARBOR Ares-2367I is highly stable and reliable due to the fanless design and onboard low power consumption Intel Atom D525 processor. In addition, its redundant power (12/24/48 VDC, 110 VDC/VAC and 220 VDC/VAC) and single power input design supports consistent operating. When the main power breaks down, the backup power will offer instant power supply which keeps system away from data damage and working stably.

Featuring standard 2U rack-mount and modularized design, the Ares-2367I is easy to install and maintain. Additionally, with the LED indicators that present if the connected devices working functionally, users are easy to monitor and control the devices.


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