New GST18 Distributors for Enhanced Flexibility

The GST18 series of the pluggable gesis® electrical installation system from Wieland Electric is supplemented by various new distribution blocks.

The distributors make installing components easier and allow for greater flexibility in installation. All of the distributors meet the IEC 61535 standard for installation plug connectors.

The 3-pole h-distributor GST18i3V 1P2 is suitable for supplying voltage to devices with 3-pole GST18i3 inputs which have no GST18 output, which are then wired directly to the next device. This is implemented e.g. in electronic ballasts for high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) and underfloor sockets.

Another innovation is the 5-pole GST18i5V 2P1T T-distributors with single-sided interlocking. They are available as variants with 5-pole or 3-pole vertical outgoing lines for single-phase tapping (L1, L2 or L3). The T-distributors can be plugged directly one after another, and interlock to build multiple distributors with small footprints. This is useful e.g. in super-light walls.

The 5-pole H-distributors GST18i5V 3P1 for dimmer applications provide one input and three outputs for distributing mains voltage and a dimmer signal (e.g. DALI). They belong to the combined, pastel blue coded mains-dimmer plug connector series. This distributor allows e.g. three lights to be supplied and controlled from one distributor.

With their pluggable gesis® installation system, Wieland Electric revolutionized the traditional electrical installation industry nearly 40 years ago. Apart from installation and maintenance cost savings of up to 30% and installation time reductions of up to 70%, the numerous benefits also include flexibility and reusability of the components. gesis® offers maximum adaptability and flexibility, especially for building conversions.

The gesis® electrical installation system consists of 2- to 5-pole, coded plug connectors, ribbon and round cables as well as a large number of distributors, couplings, infeed adapters, device terminals as well as electronic components and assemblies for building automation. All components are industry prefabricated and tested. They are designed for mains power supply, extra-low voltage, BUS systems or signal voltage. Customers can choose between the standard gesis® CON system and the gesis® MINI and gesis® MICRO systems for small installation spaces.


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