NEW! GHz Crystal Oscillators

To address high frequency - Low Jitter timing needs, Abracon Corporation has developed ASGX and ASGX-V series of fixed frequency and Voltage Controllable Crystal Oscillators; available from 10MHz to 1.5GHz resonant frequencies.  These are factory programmable devices offering exceptional jitter characteristics of 2ps rms maximum at 1.5GHz carrier.  Available from 10MHz to 250MHz with LVCMOS output and, 10MHz to 1.5GHz with LVDS or LVPECL outputs; these devices are ideally suited to address timing requirements for Multimedia, Computing, Networking, Phase Locked Loops, DDS, etc.

Standard 5*7*2mm SMT RoHS compliant packaging offers a space saving solution.  These devices are in stock at our Global Distribution Partners at popular frequencies, and can be made available at any frequency between 10MHz and 1.5GHz.  Evaluation units can be purchased with a quick turn of less than 5-business days.


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