Alps Develops and Commences Mass Production of “SSCQ Series” Compact Two-Way, Two-Step Detector Switch

Alps Electric has developed the SSCQ Series compact detector switch with two-position output in two directions for use in zoom lever control of mobile devices such as compact digital cameras and digital camcorders. Mass production commenced in February 2012.

Compact digital cameras are widely used because they are easy to both carry and use, and more now include functions like high-power zoom and full high-definition video recording in response to diversifying needs. As electronic devices become more sophisticated, their parts have to be made smaller and must provide advanced functionality, such as the ability to control multiple functions.

The existing SSCM Series two-way detector switch for use with zoom levers of compact digital cameras has been valued highly by the market. By giving the switch two detection positions in each direction and reducing its size, Alps has now developed the industry-smallest SSCQ Series compact two-way, two-step detector switch. Mass production is already underway. Two detection positions in each direction, or four positions in total, allows control over zoom speed depending on how far the zoom lever is moved.

The size of the switch was reduced using proprietary design simulation and precision processing technologies acquired by Alps over the years. But despite being the smallest in the industry, with a mounting area approximately 30% smaller than earlier products, and height reduced by approximately 40%, the SSCQ Series also achieves high functionality by enabling two-step detection in each direction.

The switch lever is longer than levers of earlier switches and is taller than the main body of the switch. This design makes the switch lever easier for the protrusion on the device’s zoom lever to catch. The result is greater freedom in device zoom lever design.


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