0.3MM Pitch Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors Address Diversified Customer Needs

In view of increasingly diversified customer needs in the consumer devices market, TE Connectivity (TE) has developed two new types of 0.3mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors to enrich its FPC connector product family.

The two new types are: a 0.3mm pitch FPC connector with a box shaped, back-flip lock actuator and a lower contact point; and a 0.3mm pitch FPC connector standard-size back-flip lock actuator and an upper contact point.

The most important feature that both new types share is that they are back-flip lock connector types, which accommodate pick and place nozzles, are easy to actuate and have better printed circuit retention.

The unique feature of TE's back-flip lock connector type with a box-shaped actuator is that the robust actuator not only better protects the connector but it also makes it easier to operate.

The exclusive advantage of TE's back-flip lock connector type with a standard-size actuator is that it boasts an upper contact point, which gives customers more flexible design opportunity in that they are not limited in their cable orientation.

All TE 0.3mm pitch FPC connectors are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.


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