Did You Know? - Encoder Following

Did you know that Applied Motion Products’ STAC6-Q AC-powered Advanced Microstep Drive w/ Q Programming and Encoder Input provides the capability to solve encoder following with registration control applications? If your application requirement is 1 HP (750W) or below, requiring high torque at low speed and rotary speeds less than 2000 RPM, consider Applied Motion Products’ STAC6-Q stepper drive.

Providing significant cost savings over servo-based registration solutions for high speed insertion, line speed matching, adhesives application and labeling, the STAC6-Q can assist OEMs in maintaining high performance for a wide range of machinery. The STAC6-Q provides a distinct price/performance advantage.

The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the Q programming environment allows the STAC6-Q to match conveyor speeds based on external encoder inputs wired to the digital inputs of the STAC6-Q. Registration is accomplished by triggering a discrete input and reliably capturing the encoder position allowing math calculations to manipulate the registration input (offset) by adding or subtracting to the output signal and mitigating the impact of encoder count error accumulation or change in material types.

For applications requiring more than 2000 rpm, yet under 1HP (750W), consider the SV7-Q, SVAC3-Q or BLuAC5-Q servo drives, which offer the same encoder following functionality as the STAC6-Q, but with higher rotary speeds. What’s more, Applied Motion servo drives use the same Q programming environment as the STAC6-Q stepper drive. How much value would you place on the ability to switch between stepper and servo control within the same programming environment?


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