Apacer's Cloud-Based High-Capacity & High-Efficiency Server Memory Module

According to the latest reportby Gartner, the market research institute, global server market sales recorded a year - on - year(YoY)increase of 5.2% for Q3 of 2011, and entire shipmentvolume recorded a YoY increase of 7.2%, showing an upward trend. Despite weak global economic growth forecasts, Cloud Computing has become a mainstream trend, which urgesenterprises tocontinually build corresponding data centers to improve efficiency. Apacer, a professional memory module manufacturer, with its outstanding R&D capability, introduces the high-capacity, high processing speed and cost-effective 8GB DDR3 1600 UDIMM with ECC Server Memory Moduleto the market.Ithelpsenterprises build cloud environments that deliver both outstanding performanceand super energy-saving. Viathis memory module, server systems run perfectly at a high-speed (12800MB/s) and process massive amounts of data rapidly and stably.

Apacer’s latest DDR3 Server Memory Module has a capacity up to 8GB and performance up to 1600MT/s. Thanks to itsoutstanding hardware design and advanced 30nm processed memory chips, server systems can maintain excellent stability while implementinghigh-speed computing, offering multiple superior storage device optionstothe enterprises’ commercial market. To helpcustomers create the optimal product performance, the DDR3 Server Memory Module has gone through rigorous reliability tests. Itis fully compatible with the latest Intel/AMD 2-ways server platform and supports the latest Intel Quad-Channel Xeon CPU series and AMD Quad-Channel Opteron 6000 series server platforms, demonstrating incomparable platform compatibility.

Apacer has years of extensive experience in the server market and has developed a wide array of specifications and technologies for server memory modules. Apacer’s products have all gone through rigorous environment tests (extended temperature and high/low pressure testing for longer periods of time) and motherboard tests. They will gradually pass each major vendor’s platformtests and gain certification fromCMTL, the certified third-party lab authorized by Intel, for ensured compatibility and stability when used in servers and network communication systems,in order to cater tothe enterprises’ demands forserver workstations. Devoted to delivering highly-reliable and highly-compatible quality andcomprehensively professional customization service, Apacer is the enterprises’ prime choice among storage solution providers!


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