Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introducing Three Series of Shielded Surface Mount Power Inductors

API Delevan has introduced three new series of shielded surface mount power inductors: SP1812, SP1210 & SP1008. Recognizing the needs of design engineers, these power series are sized to industry standard packages for ease of circuit board layout. Inductance for series SP1008 range from 0.27µH to 100µH and max current ratings from 1.07A DC to 0.102A DC; series SP1210 range from 0.47µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.44A DC to 0.080A DC; series SP1812 range from 1.0µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.58A DC to 0.136A DC. All operate between 55°C and +125°C and are available with either traditional tin-lead or lead free, tin-silver-copper termination finishes.

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