WAGO MCS-MIDI Push-Button Female Connectors

WAGO Corporation’s MCS-MIDI 2721 and 2231 MIDI Classic Push-Button Female Connectors streamline assembly via push-button and PUSH WIRE® terminations. Accommodating all conductors AWG 28–12, MCS-MIDI Female Connectors carry ratings up to 15A/300V. The units provide wire-to-wire, wire-to-board and board-to-wire connections for applications such as electrical drives, renewable energy, HVAC controls, analytical equipment and medical devices.


2721 and 2231 Series MCS-MIDI Female Connectors provide PUSH WIRE® terminations for solid and ferruled conductors. They also carry bright orange buttons that permit connection of stranded conductors, and disconnection of all conductors. CAGE CLAMP®S Spring Pressure ensures connections are vibration-proof, gas-tight and maintenance-free. Further aiding usability, the Connectors can be wired while mated to free both hands for termination; the 2721 Series is 100% protected from mismating. Both 2721 and 2231units are available with snap-in mounting feet or with locking levers; optional long pin variants are also offered to support DIN rail-mount terminal block connections.

MCS-MIDI Connectors provide custom coding and feature an integrated test port for general testing/troubleshooting. To support diverse electronics, MCS-MIDI Connector configurations range from 2–20 poles. 2721 Series features 5mm pin spacing; 2231 MIDI Classic is offered with 5, 5.08mm, 7.5 and 7.62mm pin spacing.


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