Thursday, May 24, 2012


Anderson Power Products (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, has added the Power Drawer series of connectors to its high quality connector range. The family features blind mating connectors for 35 or 75 amp applications. These versatile Power Drawer connectors are used on “N + 1” power supply and rectifier systems ideal for server, telecommunications and network applications. APP’s durable connectors are UL recognized and are able to mate with competitive products, offering the designer and user further development and sourcing options.

APP’s 35 amp Power Drawer connectors can be configured with up to eight #12AWG power contacts,eight #16 awg power contacts or a combination of four #16 awg power contacts, four #12 awg power contacts and twenty-one #20 awg signal contacts. APP’s 75 Power Drawer connectors can be configured with up to four #8 AWG power contacts, nine #12AWG power contacts and twenty four #20 awg signal contacts. Float mount and Printed Circuit Board mount versions are available for both connectors.

Pin and socket contacts are available for both connectors with crimp, solder cup or printed circuit board termination. In addition, the connector’s pin contacts can be specified for first-mate and last-mate connection, allowing the electronic system to be grounded and mating electronically verified before the power circuits are energized.

Anderson Power Products is also offering “true hot plug” contacts to accompany its Power Drawer connector family. The #12 awg contacts are rated for disconnect interruption up to 25 amps. These “hot plug” contacts are available for both the 35 and 75 amp Power Drawer connector families.

Designed to correct misalignment during blind mating, APP’s Power Drawer Connectors feature integral guide pins, with an optional floating mount used to reduce fatigue stress on the connector during blind mating.

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