Installation Column for Effective Room Automation

Automation is often part of the energetic modernization process when renovating buildings. In many cases, existing electrical installations are not compatible with state-of-the-art technology and must be replaced with a completely new installation.

To reduce installation effort, it makes sense to use prefabricated components – especially for complex renovation projects.

Wieland Electric's installation column is suitable for complex requirements, whether modernizing schools, office buildings, hospitals, hotels or new buildings. The fully prefabricated module is particularly suited for distributed systems and existing installations can be integrated into the new installation concept. The installation column is configured according to individual requirements, designed with the planning technician, and it is then equipped, wired, parameterized, and tested at Wieland using all subdistribution components. These include DIN rail terminal blocks, fuses, RCBOs and devices for room climate control, control of blinds and lights, loud speakers and signaling systems, presence detectors, panic and alarm buttons, surveillance cameras, power receptacles and media interfaces for telephones, projectors and PCs.

There are hardly any restrictions concerning the size, design and color of the column. The installation column is supplied in RAL colors that can be decorated by the customer or it can be ordered in bright, trendy colors. The robust steel casing resists rough treatment in schools, the door can be safely locked and provides protection against accidental contact. Wieland Electric’s pluggable gesis® CON electrical installation system can be used for connecting lights, blinds, presence detectors, and a diverse range of electrical devices.

The installation column is usually installed after all painting work has been carried out, and it immediately ready for use. This pre-assembled module saves installation time and significantly shortens the construction period and start-up of a project. This is an especially significant benefit for projects with a tight deadline, such as the renovation of school buildings or classrooms during holidays, of hotels during seasonal closings and of office buildings during company holidays. The installation column can also be used for partial renovation work, staggered over longer periods of time. Adjustments and retrofittings of column components are possible at any time, even after installation. The installation column makes a significant contribution to achieving increased planning and investment protection, as well as energy savings.


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