Cluster Programming for Volume Production

Xeltek stand-alone programmers are designed to operate either in engineering or volume production applications. For volume production, one or more stand-alone programmers are used together without being attached to a PC. Quantity can be increased or decreased easily according to the production requirement.

Below are stand-alone key features that help cut back cost and increase efficiency that users are not fully aware of.

Flexibility: As project requirements change, cluster models have the flexibility of 1 to 15+ units setup, allowing for easy expansion as the production need grows.

Cost: Cluster operation does away with a PC attached, thus saving the cost of a PC, increase reliability, and also save cost of an expensive PC operator. There is no need to pay full price for a set number of socket programmer to program IC chips in parallel.

Maintenance: Gang programmer shuts the  production down when the entire unit has to be sent back for service. With the Xeltek Cluster solution, only the defective unit is sent back for service and production continues! Cost of service is cheaper and disruption is minimal.

Safety: A PC attached in the production environment can cause various problems. Programming reliability is reduced due to PC susceptibility to external environment, data may be compromised, and operator mistake can induce programming quality problem. CF cards with important codes can easily be removed and stored in a safe area.

User-friendly: No PC knowledge is required when an operator programs the chip in stand-alone mode. Operators can simply locate the project file from a CF card and run the program using a single button.


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