Legrand/Wiremold Introduces Family of A/V Interface Plates

Legrand/Wiremold has introduced AVIP Series Device Plates, a series of audio/video interface plates that integrate into Wiremold® devices and cabling pathways. These device plates offer durable, secure A/V connections anywhere in a building, including meeting and training rooms, collaboration spaces, and work areas.

This new family of devices features nearly 30 individual components for audio/video, video, audio, computer, and data, as well as blanks and accessory plates. AVIP Series Device Plates are metal with screw-down connectors, which create a secure connection that will resist being pulled out or broken during use. Single device plates measure 2.2" x 0.7"; double plates are 2.2" x .14". They fit securely into Wiremold faceplates for easy installation.

Legrand/Wiremold offers a range of products that are compatible with AVIP Series Device Plates, including floor boxes, poke-thru devices, worksurface portals, perimeter raceway systems, Vista™ Architectural Columns, poles, and more. These systems have been designed or modified to provide the depth behind the plate required for most A/V devices.


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