Plug Connector System for 'Invisible' Installations

The pluggable gesis® installation system from Wieland Electric gets a new family member: the round plug connector system gesis® MICRO.

With their round design and a diameter of just 8 mm, cables fitted with plug connectors can be routed and installed quickly and inconspicuously. This is particularly beneficial for the 'last meter' in electric installations, in narrow installation spaces as e.g. in shelf lighting for shops or exhibitions, and anywhere the electric installation needs to be 'invisible'.

The 2-/3-pole plug connector system with the denominations GST08i2/GST08i3 can be routed through 8 mm drill holes without needing special tools. The system consists of prefabricated connecting lines with socket and connector, 2-/6-way distributors, connecting cables with socket and connector and free end as well as adapter cables to the gesis® CON and gesis® MINI installation systems.

Advanced LED technology in lighting applications puts new requirements on plug connectors for LED lights. The gesis® MICRO installation system meets these requirements with different types of coding. The 2-pole variant GST08i2 provides one coding for connecting machines to the voltage supply (white: 250 V, 6 A) and two low-voltage codings for connecting lights to the machines (blue: 12 V, 6 A; green: 24 V, 6 A). The 3-pole variant GST08i3 is suitable for 250 V at 6 A and is available in white color. All variants are coded both by color and mechanically on the plug interface. The plug connector system complies with the EN 61984/ EN 60320 standards.

With their pluggable gesis® installation system, Wieland Electric revolutionized the traditional electrical installation industry nearly 40 years ago. Apart from installation and maintenance cost savings of up to 30% and installation time reductions of up to 70%, the numerous benefits also include flexibility and reusability of the components.  gesis® offers maximum adaptability and flexibility especially during building conversion.

The gesis® electrical installation system consists of 2- to 5-pole, coded plug connectors, ribbon and round cables as well as a large number of distributors, couplings, infeed adapters, device terminals as well as electronic components and assemblies for building automation. All components are industry prefabricated and tested. They are designed for mains power supply, extra-low voltage, BUS systems or signal voltage. Customers can choose between the standard gesis® CON system and the gesis® MINI and gesis® MICRO systems for small installation spaces.


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