Offers High Performance Toggle Switches

APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offers the 3500 series military style toggle switches, featuring molded-in terminal inserts and a silicone membrane feature for IP67 front panel sealing. The 3500 series models are ideally suited for many critical switching applications in numerous industries where safety and high reliability are essential.

These robust, high reliability models carry contact ratings ranging from 15-20 amps with a minimum life of 6,000 cycles at alternate current.

Single and double pole models are offered in an extensive range of electrical configurations, including the popular ON-OFF, ON-ON, MOM OFF MOM, ON OFF MOM and ON OFF ON. Other electrical includes initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms max., insulation resistance of 100 megohms min., and dielectric strength of 3000 V rms between terminals and frame.

The standard actuator is a chrome or nickel plated bat .236” dia. X .688” long, with several additional options, including a flatted style and a fluorescent tip for visibility under adverse glare conditions. Additional actuator finishes are available. Locking actuator styles are also available for those critical safety applications where deliberate action is required to actuate the switch, or where positive resistance against excessive shock or vibration is essential.

The single pole body size is .591”w x 1.260”h x 1.236”d, while the double pole is .905”w with the same height and depth. Solder lug/quick-connect or screw terminals are available. Superior quality engineering materials include silver alloy contacts and UL94-VO rated case material.


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