WAGO SPEEDWAY Sports New Firmware, Modules

New firmware and components lead a host of significant revisions to WAGO Corporation’s IP67 SPEEDWAY 767-I/O-SYSTEM. Further blending IP20 performance with IP67 strength, SPEEDWAY now processes 1000 instructions within 150 microseconds - ideal for freeing controls from cabinets. Heading up the surging SPEEDWAY line are new 8xM12 modules that endow IP67 systems with greater freedom for machine/system planning and expansion.

8xM12 I/O Modules:

Available DI, DO or DIO modules, SPEEDWAY’s 8xM12 Modules provide 1:1 connections for up to eight high-speed M12 sensors/actuators. Highly configurable, the DIO modules are set channel-by-channel (input or output) for filter, inversion, substitute value strategy, manual mode and counter.

The 8xM12 modules also support asynchronous/synchronous diagnostics and extensive detail of front-end errors (e.g., short-circuit, overloads, wire breakage, under/overvoltage conditions) and S-BUS errors. Appropriate indications (e.g., initializing, overload or failure maintaining cycle times) are also provided. The M12 ports aboard the 767-3805 (8DI), 767-4807 (8D, 0.5A) and 767-5803 (DIO, 0.5A) modules are shielded for protection against EMC electromagnetic interference.

Into the Ether:

Expedited data processing/transmission and comprehensive integration with higher-level controls are becoming increasingly important to IP67 system users. This drove WAGO to ensure SPEEDWAY fully supports the Ethernet/TCP Fieldbus. Additional protocols supported include: EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, ProfiNet, Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen. SPEEDWAY supports couplers, as well as controllers that are fully programmable via CoDeSys 3.0, configurable via FDT/DTM technology and support firmware update execution.


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