Veeder-Root ORVR Hanging Hardware System Widely Accepted in Texas

Veeder-Root’s On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery (ORVR) Hanging Hardware System has obtained certification from the state of Texas for use with both Gilbarco’s VaporVac and Dresser Wayne’s WayneVac system dispensers, announced Kevin Hughes, Global Product Manager, Air Quality Protection, for Veeder-Root.

With the recent passing of the 2007 Texas ORVR compliance deadline, Texas petroleum retailers have widely accepted Veeder-Root’s simple and cost effective solution for compliance.  Hundreds of Veeder-Root Systems have been installed in the Texas market.

Veeder-Root’s ORVR Hanging Hardware System is designed to detect ORVR vehicles and limit air ingestion that leads to vaporized product.  So station owners can save thousands of dollars in vaporized product loss reductions with a simple hanging hardware swap.

This solution is now available to even more fuel retailers as it is now certified in Texas with both Gilbarco VaporVac® and Dresser Wayne  WayneVac system dispensers.

“Since the Veeder-Root solution does not involve replacing existing stage-II vacuum pumps or piping, it has helped hundreds of station owners meet the new compliance requirements at a reasonable cost,” said Hughes.


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