Veeder-Root Launches the TLS-450 for Automated Compliance Management

Veeder-Root is pleased to launch the new TLS-450 Automatic Tank Gauge. The TLS-450 provides gas station owners with automated compliance management to maximize station uptime, avoid fines and reduce costs.

The cost of compliance is rising due to heightened enforcement of regulatory requirements. Today, proving compliance is a manual, mistake-prone, paper-driven process.  Furthermore, failing compliance can result in costly fines and shut down of stations. “Our customers told us that they needed a more cost-effective and reliable way to manage compliance,” said Matthias Bolling, Vice President of Marketing for Veeder-Root. “With the TLS-450, proving compliance is an automated process. Reports are electronic and easily accessible, making compliance reporting more efficient and accurate.” The TLS-450 provides automated compliance reporting by storing and organizing up to three years of compliance history, and producing inspector-ready reports with a single touch.

In addition, many states are implementing mandatory operator training. The TLS-450 simplifies training and helps operators avoid making costly mistakes by guiding them to respond with fast and accurate action to alarms.

Speedway SuperAmerica (SSA) currently has TLS-450s installed and is taking advantage of the TLS-450’s automated compliance management features. “SSA finds benefit in the automated compliance reporting function of the TLS-450 due to the ease of access for state inspectors, contractors and internal maintenance personnel as data is now immediately available,” said Michelle McKee, Manager Environmental Compliance, Speedway SuperAmerica.

The TLS-450 also helps owners improve productivity and business management, by providing total access to site data twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Owners can access and monitor their sites via any Web browser on their PCs. Using the TLS-450 Direct Access Software™ on a PC, operators can securely control and modify configuration upgrades and diagnostics using the same user interface locally and remotely.  A variety of customizable options for access, control and data storage lets owners tailor the TLS-450 to fit the unique requirements of their operations.


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