USRobotics uShare Mini NAS Adapter Provides Easy File and Media Sharing At Work or At Home

USRobotics, a Platinum Equity company and leading provider of Internet access and networking products, today introduced the USR8710 uShare™ Mini NAS Adapter, a new device that allows files and media to be easily shared at home or at work all from a single device. One of the easiest NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices to use and install, the USR8710 requires only the connection of an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive to the Gigabit NAS adapter and a few mouse clicks to securely share files and a printer over a local network or to stream music, movies, pictures or videos with an integrated media center for iTunes, Xbox and PS3.

“People want to be able to share their pictures and files across multiple computers and systems” said Bruce Swail, CEO for US Robotics. “The NAS adapter allows for quick and secure access to remote files on a hard drive from anywhere without the need to carry extra drives or bulky devices. And because USB NAS means better compatibility, the device can be used to share information across Windows, Mac and Linux systems.”

The uShare Mini NAS Adapter provides access to shared files remotely from anywhere with just an Internet connection. The device allows for the addition of up to 2 TB of fast and secure networked storage for easy file sharing and media streaming. It features integrated back-up software for file restoration while the USB port allows users to swap or upgrade drives on the fly. At the same time, the device provides built-in security with user level and folder settings and username/password for HTML configuration utility.

The new device includes SyncQuick™ Back-Up software to back-up files. At the same time, SyncQuick NAS Manager automatically finds attached storage devices for easy configuration. It supports Auto IP/Fixed IP and Ethernet connections at speeds of 10/100 Mbps and 1 Gigabit.


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