USRobotics’ All-in-One USB 3.0 Card Reader/Writer First to Offer Dual SD Card Slots

USRobotics, a Platinum Equity company and leading provider of Internet access and networking products, today introduced the USR8420 All-in-One USB 3.0 Card Reader/Writer. The new device is the first of its kind with duplicate SD card slots for a total of five card slots that can be read simultaneously at speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 card readers. The USR8420 joins USRobotics’ USB 3.0 family, which currently includes a 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub (USR8400), a 2-Port ExpressCard Adapter (USR8401), and a 2-Port PCI Express Card Adapter (USR8402).

According to Bruce Swail, CEO of USRobotics, the new card reader follows suit with the company’s goals for the USB 3.0 line, which focus on improving connectivity speed and productivity while maintaining backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 devices.

“The new card reader is perfect for photographers and videographers who use multiple cards and cameras and need to quickly download a large number of images,” explained Swail, CEO of USRobotics. “The device allows double the number of photos to be transferred than other available card readers while maintaining the fast USB 3.0 speed. Everyone from business professionals to families with more than one camera can benefit from the time saved through the use of this device – professionals can be more productive and families can get on with their vacations without having to wait for their photos to download.”

The new USR8420 provides a total of five slots, one SD, one SD/MMC/Memory Stick, one Compact Flash, one Memory Stick, and one for SmartMedia. The new reader/writer offers blazing fast transfers with USB 3 interface, so the data flow can be as fast as the memory card permits. As faster cards become available even greater transfer speeds can be realized. At the same time, it is backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1/1 ports.

The reader/writer supports all new card formats including SDHC with UHS, CF with UDMA, SDXC, and MSXC cards — including the separate SD slots making it convenient for families with more than one camera or professionals with multiple cards. Like other USR products in the USB 3.0 family, the USR8420 is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems. The plug and play device is also hot swappable and its USB cable can be removed for easy storage or portability.


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