Terasic Technologies Successfully Demonstrates VisualSonic Studio and VEEK-MT Wall

This year’s ESC was a phenomenal success as Terasic showcased “VisualSonic Studio”, an interactive token-based music system, and the VEEK-MT wall, a platform composed of six Video and Embedded Evaluation Kits – Multi-touch. Showcasing in Altera’s booth, Terasic was featured as part of the Design Services Network, an elite group of Altera partners dedicated towards providing premium turnkey services to Altera FPGA customers.

The first exhibit was the VEEK-MT wall, made up of six independent Video and Embedded Evaluation Kits – Multi-touch, an all-in-one kit aiming to provide everything a multi-media designer requires right out of the box. Featuring a capacitive multi-touch gesture screen, five megapixel camera, light-sensor, and accelerometer, the VEEK-MT is a powerful platform, especially as the base is a DE2-115 FPGA Development Kit. The DE2-115 itself already features a multitude of interfaces such as gigabit Ethernet, VGA, audio, and much, much more, with the heart of the kit being the highest density Altera Cyclone IV E device. Six VEEK-MTs were strapped to a board to demonstrate six separate reference designs, which included edge detection sensing, gravitational sensing, Altera’s Video and Image Processing Suite (VIP), and multi-touch gesture painting. For more information on the VEEK-MT, please check out www.veek-mt.terasic.com .

The star attraction of the show by far was the VisualSonic Studio project, originally introduced by a team of students from National Taiwan University, who had won first place at the Altera InnovateAsia Design Competition 2010. Featuring a system of pattern-based tokens, a DE2-115 FPGA development kits, a camera sensor, and an LED backlit frame, VisualSonic Studio impressed visitors with its intuitive control scheme to produce great-sounding musical melodies and beats via mixing and matching various tokens. Hundreds of visitors flocked to VisualSonic Studio to try it out for themselves, and they were surprised at just how much one development kit and camera sensor could achieve with the right conditions.


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