Tektronix Demonstrates Automated Audio Loudness Correction Using Dolby Technology Integrated Into Cerify QC Solution

Tektronix, Inc., the market leader in broadcast video test, monitoring and analysis solutions, today announced it will demonstrate at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2012 an automated audio loudness correction solution combined with the Tektronix Cerify automated file-based quality control platform. By incorporating proven audio loudness correction technology used in the Dolby DP600, the demonstration will showcase how Cerify will not only be able to test audio/video content but automatically correct audio content in real time based on the test results.

Increasingly terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, Cable MSOs and Telco IPTV operators are being required to comply with audio regulatory requirements like the U.S. CALM act stipulated A/85 standards or the EBU R128 audio loudness standards. In the past, this typically required additional hardware components and new workflow steps, adding capital expense and longer workflows.

"As loudness has emerged as a concern around the world, we've increasingly heard from our customers about the need for an automated loudness solution integrated with file-based QC technologies that would eliminate the need for additional workflow steps," said Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line, Tektronix. "By working closely with Dolby, we're able to demonstrate this world-class audio correction technology combined with software-based QC solutions that will help operators streamline their operations."

The demonstration shows that by adding this new capability to Cerify, operators will be able to adopt a single-step process where QC (quality control) and correction operations can be completed in the time it used to take to perform just the QC step of the workflow. With this solution, there will no longer be a need for an additional correction step. This also reduces the complexity of requiring a MAM or automation system to digest information from a QC engine and make a decision about whether to send the content through a correction system. The benefits to operators include lower capital expenditures, reduced integration complexity and shorter workflow length. Cerify is a fully automated system for performing quality control of file-based content during creation, post-production, ingest, transcode, archive and prior to transmission or use. Solutions range from windows-based PC standalone workstations to enterprise-wide solutions that interface to third party automation or asset management systems.

"We're committed to making sure broadcasters and operators get pristine and consistent audio on air," said Jason Power, senior director, Broadcast Audio Ecosystem, Dolby Laboratories. "We're excited that Tektronix is working with Dolby to enable audio loudness correction that maximizes both quality and consistency."


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