Tektronix Announces DDR3-2133, DDR3-2400 Logic Debug, Protocol Validation Solution

Tektronix, Inc., a leading worldwide provider of test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation, today announced the next generation of DDR3 probing solutions for logic debug and protocol validation using the Tektronix TLA7000 Series Logic Analyzers with support for DDR3-2133 MT/s and DDR3-2400 MT/s. This is the highest performing DDR3 protocol test solution in the market today.

With the introduction of the new high-speed DDR3 interposer for DIMM form factor, Tektronix enables customers to reuse their existing TLA7BBx modules to acquire Address, Control, Command and Data signals for all DDR3 speeds -- ranging from DDR3-800 MT/s to DDR3-2400 MT/s as well as Low Voltage DDR3. The new interposer is the first to use Tektronix ultra-high performance SiGe hybrid ASIC technology to provide true analog insight at every DDR3 I/O. The new Interposer is designed to maintain signal integrity on the target by providing reduced probe loading when compared to other commercially available interposer solutions.

Across all computing segments, there is strong demand for faster and higher memory capacities together with lower power consumption. JEDEC continues to add higher speed grades to the DDR3 standard and is moving toward a new DDR4 specification. With its new interposer architecture, Tektronix is not only supporting today's higher speed DDR3 requirements but also setting the stage for rapid support of DDR4 as that standard moves forward into the market.

"The industry is pushing the performance envelope on DDR3 memory to keep pace with ever more demanding applications," said Dave Farrell, director of the Digital Analysis Product Line for Tektronix. "Our DDR3 solutions provide design engineers with the most complete, high performance tools for logic debug and protocol validation of the DDR3 interface at an industry leading price point. We are well positioned to support high speed DDR3 and also the emerging DDR4 standard."


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