SynQor Announces its latest Technological Breakthrough in a Full Patient Contact 1400W Medical Grade Power Supply

SynQor, Inc., continues its successful product development in the AC-DC technology field with the introduction of its latest device designed specifically for Medical Applications.  The ACuQor® G-Series of off-line power supplies packs 800W/1100W/1400W of useable power into just 4.75" x 7.0" x 1.63", which is the world's smallest cardiac care, medical grade AC-DC converter for this power level.  SynQor continues to bring to the design of its ACuQor series of AC-DC products the same level of technical innovation that has made it a leader in the DC-DC converter market, achieving an efficiency level of >91%.  Single outputs of 48V, 28V, 24V, 15V or 12V are available to facilitate the use of Distributed Power Architectures and battery backup, and to directly drive components such as fans, motors, pumps, lamps and actuators.

The ACuQor G-Series family operates over a universal input range of 85-264Vrms and 47-63Hz making it suitable for World-Wide deployment.  Through the use of SynQor's "QorCool" thermal conduction techniques, full output power for the 1400W model is available when attached to a cold plate whose temperature can be as high as 50°C. The 800W and 1100W models do not require baseplate conduction cooling to achieve full output power.  A transient power rating of 1800W (AQ1400) is possible for up to 5 seconds. Active Power Factor Correction is incorporated to a level >0.98 enabling compliance with IEC/EN61000-3-2.  Both Line and Neutral AC input wires are internally fused.

The ACuQor G-Series includes versions designed for both BF (direct patient contact) and CF (direct cardiac contact) applications in accordance with UL/EN60601-1.  Input Earth Leakage Current and type BF/CF Patient Leakage Current are well below the requirements of the standard at <125µA and 2µA, respectively.  There is also the option of ordering defibrillation rated models that incorporate the minimum output to protective earth creepage and clearance distances and withstand the defibrillator pulse test guidelines of UL/EN60601-1.  Conducted noise emissions are below Level B limits of EN55011/55022, FCC part 15.

A 5V "always on" standby power output, a DC Power Good signal, AC Power Good signal, remote enable input, and a fan status output function are standard.  Over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protection with auto recovery are also built into the unit.  The operating ambient temperature range is 0 to +70°C.

An industrial grade version is available for those applications where size, weight, efficiency and reliability are essential.  Both the medical and industrial versions are RoHS 6/6 compliant.


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