Spectra-Physics® New Industrial DPSS Lasers Span UV to IR, High Power to Compact

Newport Corporation, a worldwide leader in lasers and photonics solutions that Make, Manage and Measure Light®, announces the OptoFlash™, a miniature, multi-channel, spectrometer engine for applications requiring the detection of light energy at multiple wavelengths.

This new, demultiplexing optical engine is easy to customize and configure with as many as 10 wavelength channels, selected from 24 standard wavelength options ranging from 200-900 nm. It is also available in 16 standard configurations that are commonly used in immunodiagnostic instrumentation. Originally developed for clinical chemical analyzers, the OptoFlash provides high speed and high linearity with minimal stray light. It provides simultaneous optical transmission information for each wavelength channel, making it an ideal solution for OEM applications that require a small (51 x 16 x 25 mm), and lightweight (only 30 grams), single-package device.

OptoFlash optical engines include silicon (Si) detectors, beam steering optics, and optical filters manufactured using Newport’s reliable Stabilife® optical coatings. The compact, single-package 40-pin DIP design eliminates several components that would otherwise be required in a filter-wheel-based design, effectively reducing instrument size, weight, and complexity. OptoFlash is ideal for spectroscopy instruments designed for applications such as immunodiagnostic testing, environmental monitoring, colorimetry, and other applications where a single component is required for easy integration into a new or existing OEM discrimination/detection system.


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