ROAL Electronics Announces 94% Efficient Industrial Power Supplies

ROAL Electronics, a world reknowned power electronics manufacturer based in the Marche region of Italy has expanded it's diverse portfolio of high efficiency power solutions for endustrial equipment. With demonstrated load profiles that exceed 80 Plus Platinum requirements, the DDP400 series of switching power supplies are the most efficient in their class. Low profiles, low power dissipation and low/no noise operation reduces design in constraints and improves overall system performance.

Various packaging options including open frame, u-chassis, top and front fan cooled enclosed chassis and environmentally sealed (IP65 rated) versions, providing much needed versatility and flexibility for design engineers. The fan-cooled models incorporate the latest in fan speed control technology, monitoring the operating conditions and applying the absolute minimum required airflow. This includes a "fan off" condition under light load operation (< 50W), reducing air movement and audible noise, a combination critical for laboratory environments. The series is compliant to IEC60950-1 2nd edition safety standards for industrial electronics.


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