Red Dot Design Awards OSRAM KREIOS® G1 LED Image Projector as 2012 Recipient

North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA is proud to announce the OSRAM KREIOS® G1 LED image projector has won a 2012 red dot design award in the lighting and light design category. As one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions, the red dot design award recognizes the KREIOS G1 LED image projector as a standout product amongst its peers.

The KREIOS G1 projector is an ideal solution for any application needing spotlighting image projection, including special events, bars and restaurants, museums, shopping malls, department stores and other retail and architectural environments. With easily interchangeable standard size E and do-it-yourself gobos, brand names and logos can be projected at points of sale and exhibition booths.

“It’s truly an honor to be recognized by red dot for our design abilities and innovations,” said Jack Burwick, Product Marketing Manager of Solid State Lighting, Display/Optic business unit, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “This award is known globally to indicate the quality and innovation we strive for at OSRAM SYLVANIA and we take enormous pride in this achievement.”

The red dot design award dates back to 1955 and has become an internationally recognized symbol for excellence in design. Focused on businesses that distinguish themselves through design, the red dot award provides winners with international notoriety, including coverage in red dot publications and opportunities to exhibit at red dot museums and in traveling exhibitions. This year, 4,515 applicants from 58 countries applied for the red dot award: product design in 19 different categories, proving that red dot are highly sought-after awards across industries.

Using high-powered, long-life LEDs, the KREIOS G1 projector has a dedicated optical system that delivers a sharp image of the gobo with an extremely homogeneous distribution of light across the entire image. Thanks to this energy efficient, white LED light source, the KREIOS G1 LED image projector can deliver an output of 800 lumens using just 24-watts of power. The projector’s compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation on walls, ceilings and floors, and its low heat output enables passive cooling and silent operation. The KREIOS G1 is available in black or white body color.

The KREIOS G1 LED image projector is the latest addition to the OSRAM KREIOS LED entertainment family, which includes LED modules for film, studio and theatre lighting. Furthermore, with this innovative LED lighting solution, OSRAM reinforces its leadership in lighting technology and commitment to delivering sustainable and forward-thinking solutions.


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