Product Change/Upgrade to DA/DV SMD Heatsinks Supplied on Tape and Reel

In order to accommodate high volume users of DA/DV SMD Heatsinks, Ohmite will be adding removable Kapton Tape to the top of each part when delivered on tape and reel. The Kapton Tape will provide a smooth, flat surface to facilitate its handling by automatic pick and place equipment. Throughout our industry Kapton Tape has been applied to oddly shaped components for this purpose.

After the heatsink has been installed, the tape can easily be removed as a backend operation. This change allows the DA/DV Heatsink to retain the maximum number of fins, and the best possible thermal performance, instead of tooling a flat area on the top/center of the heatsink, which would degrade the thermal performance of the device.

This change will commence with all deliveries starting with 2012 date codes and will apply only to taped and reeled products. No change in the part number is required and no change to the CR135 Price Schedule is involved. Please use the time remaining in 2011 to alert users to this pending change. Even customers buying in small, non taped quantities should be advised, as they may require larger volumes in the future and may also be persuaded to use the DA/DV Heatsink with this added benefit.


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