Panduit Announces Approach to Solving Complex Data Center Infrastructure Management Problems

Panduit, a global leader in comprehensive physical infrastructure solutions, announces the latest release of its Physical Infrastructure Manager™ (PIM™) Software Platform. This physical infrastructure management system provides an end-to-end physical to logical view of the data center and extended enterprise to drive optimization of network performance, operational efficiency and capacity management.

This release extends the current intelligent physical layer management capabilities into a process-driven automation solution for tracking the allocation and utilization of critical IT assets within the data center and throughout the enterprise. This platform lays the foundation for effective Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) through accurate and timely documentation of these physical assets, improved visibility into asset moves, adds and changes, and integration with applicable management systems.

This latest release marks the completion of Phase 1 of Panduit’s three-phased approach to helping customers solve complex DCIM problems. Phase 1 focused on delivering a complete connectivity management solution with on-network asset tracking for the data center and extended enterprise. In Phase 2, this year Panduit is adding the functionality critical to automating on- and off-network asset tracking, allocation and utilization to support optimization of space, power and cooling resources. Starting 2012, Panduit will transition into Phase 3 using their infrastructure expertise combined with predictive analytics to help customers automate capacity planning in the data center. This will include tight, process-driven integration with service management platforms to further reduce operating expenses, improve IT asset resource utilization, and extend data center life.

“The evolution of our PIM™ Software Platform strengthens our ability to solve infrastructure-related problems. The functionality that we are delivering this year will drive down operational costs and optimize the utilization of limited space, power and cooling resources for our customers,” said Tom Donovan, President, Panduit.


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