NMB Introduces a New Standard in LED Programmable Dimmable Drivers

Designed with a programmable function, NMB's new LED driver offers high efficiency, 10W to 20W power rating, and a 0 to 10W voltage dimming function. The programming function presents the unique opportunity to program a wide range of output current with just a few models, while the old standard in driver design requires up to 10 models to cover the same output current range. A New "standard" is now available from NMB.

Satisfying market requirements for a single driver that would cover a wide range of output current and voltages, NMB introduces a new series of LED dimmable and programmable drivers sure to become the standard of the industry. This new CLSD Series of LED drivers has been designed with the unique capability to program a wide range of output current with just a few models, while the rest of the available drivers in the market require up to 10 models to cover the same range.

The flexible nature of NMB's CLSD Series design platform facilitates rapid modification for customer specific applications. Output current levels can be preset by the system designer or adjusted as the application develops. The complete LED programmable driver set up is available from NMB's web site. With an easy to use 4-pin connector programming box and USB adapter cable, this programming utility will recognize the NMB driver model and it will display the optimized factory setting. The user can now change the settings for the output current that will be most beneficial for his application. The user also has the ability to utilize the same programming kit to program as many drivers as necessary to satisfy his lighting design.

Offered as an off the shelf, easy to use standard driver design, this new CLSD Series includes a 0-10V low voltage dimming function, as well as comprehensive protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overload and over temperature. With ingress protection rating that meets IP66 specifications; these new NMB programmable LED drivers are the perfect solution for applications where dust or environmental moisture is a concern.

The new series of programmable LED drivers are offered in low current, 10W ~ 20W, with an efficiency rate at full load of 85%, and are designed to support system life requirements greater than 130,000 hours. Both the LED driver and the Programming Kit are available right now directly from Digi-Key and Newark.

This new NMB Lighting series is a simple and elegant design solution to the many requirements that the LED market continues to demand.


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