Nichicon Develops Low-resistance Electric Double-layer Capacitor for Smart Meters

Nichicon Corporation will begin mass production in April 2012 of its new UK Series of low-resistance lead-type electric double-layer capacitors, This type of capacitor is increasingly gaining ground for use in backup power sources.

Lead-type electric double-layer capacitors are used in backup power sources for game consoles, as well as in auxiliary power sources for printers and projectors. They are also becoming the capacitor of choice for use in backup power sources for the smart meters which have gained popularity in recent years around the world. Because smart meters must have instantaneous power output when conducting wireless transmission, they require low-resistance power devices. And because they are installed outdoors, their power devices must be able to function within a wide temperature range; particularly pressing has been the need to improve these devices’ resistance characteristics to withstand operation in low temperatures.

Nichicon’s UK Series was developed to meet the needs of smart meter manufacturers who require capacitors with lower resistance and the ability to operate in a lower temperature range.


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