New TDK CGJ Series Already in Mass Production

TDK Corporation has introduced a new series of TDK multilayer ceramic capacitors that provide extended life performance and meet electrical, mechanical, and environmental standards from multiple industry specifications, including automotive and higher grades. The new CGJ series is best suited for applications that require field life such as smart meter, smart grid, solar inverters and charging stations, or higher reliability applications in the medical, industrial and automotive markets. Mass production of the new series has already begun and production volumes are available now.

The new CGJ series is available in in C0G & X7R temperature characteristics and standard JIS/EIA case sizes of C1005/0402, C1608/0603, C2012/0805 and C3216/1206. This extended life series capacitor was made possible by using TDK's expertise in dielectric materials coupled with extensive testing during the manufacturing process and guarantees 2000hr life at 2x rated voltage.

As the market for smart energy applications continues to grow products must withstand much more challenging environments and require components that can meet those demands, even beyond typical commercial and automotive standards. Because these new TDK capacitors can contribute to a longer product life cycle, they make an important contribution towards the improvement of energy efficient technologies.


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