New Ohmite Heatsinks Designed for Higher Power Densities

The new R2 Series of heatsinks from Ohmite combines thermal performance with the laborsaving attachment mechanism of the popular C Series. This adaptable heatsink is capable of attaching either a TO-220 or a TO-247 component and is offered in both degreased and black anodized finishes.

The convenient camming clip eliminates the need for mounting holes and screws, are resilient, and provide the same amount of force after repeated use. By eliminating the need for a screw hole the rear side of the heatsink can be fully populated with fins for maximum thermal performance. Pricing for R2 heatsinks ranges from $1.84 to $1.90, depending on finish, in 1000 piece quantities.

In business since 1925, Ohmite Manufacturing is a global supplier of fixed and variable power resistors as well as heatsink solutions and electronic hardware.


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