Monday, May 07, 2012

New High Temperature Current Sense Resistors Exceed Industry Standards

Ohmite Manufacturing has launched the new 14AFR Series of axial leaded current sense resistors, affording customers higher power densities than previously available. These 4 watt resistors are available in what would typically be a 3 watt package size due to the high temperature materials employed.

Three piece welded resistor elements are housed in high purity alumina oxide cylindrical shells, and then filled with alumina oxide powder for efficient heat transfer. Conventional resistors of this type are normally molded in costly silicone epoxy with a much lower maximum allowable temperature.

14AFR Series is available from stock in 9 standard resistance values, all at 1% tolerance. Prices are $1.00 each in small quantities and $0.85 in 1000 piece lots.

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