New AC-DC Open Frame Type Power Supplies with Peak Power Capability

TDK Corporation (President: Takehiro Kamigama, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) announces the new TDK-Lambda "ZWS-BP series” open frame type AC-DC power supplies with peak power capability featuring compact size, lightweight and high efficiency. TDK-Lambda Corporation (President: Yoshiaki Hirota, Head Office: Nihonbashi, Chuoku, Tokyo) start to accept orders for the 150W and 240W models from April 26, 2012.

Toward realization of low carbon society, the market need is increasing for smaller size, lighter weight and higher efficiency power supplies with less power consumption at lower output power and no load condition. In response to such market need, TDK has developed compact size, lightweight and high efficiency open frame type AC-DC power supplies with peak power capability. The new “ZWS-BP series” features improved efficiency (5% or more at full load condition) and reduced size (30% or more in size and weight) as compared with existing models.

The “ZWS-BP series” are developed as successor model for existing “ZWS-PAF series“ with 200% peak power capability, efficiency improvement of 5% at full load condition and a reduction of 80% or more power consumption in standby mode (*). In addition, to the above features, they offer a wide operating ambient temperature range that ensures safe operation under severe operating conditions, excellent output de-rating, smaller size and lighter weight of up to 30% or more compared to existing models. Thus, they can make customers' products smaller and help development of energy saving products. With the addition of the “ZWS-BP series” to the existing lineup of the “ZWS-B series” featuring a wide range input and the “ZWS-BAF series” with power factor and harmonic correction, the “ZWS series” has become a fully-fledged product family with highly advanced specifications.


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