Intelligent 400 Hz Power Distribution Unit was Designed by API Technologies for an Unmanned Aircraft System

API Technologies Corp.(NASDAQ:ATNY) (“API” or the “Company”), a provider of electronic systems, subsystems, RF, and secure systems for defense, aerospace, and commercial applications, presents today an intelligent power distribution unit (PDU) that has been designed and manufactured for an unmanned aircraft system for a Department of Defense (DoD) project.

“This dual input, 200 VAC 3 phase in / 3 phase out, 400 Hz PDU has a number of specialized features that are compliant for operation at a high altitude and meet MIL-STD shock and vibration requirements. The DoD will have the ability to communicate (via Telnet, SNMP, or Web) with this PDU to monitor and control six remotely switched outlets, and they will have the use of two protected unswitched outlets for ‘always on’ equipment,” said Tracy Shaffer, Vice President, Spectrum Power Product Group of API Technologies. “With features such as power quality monitoring, EMI filtering, a wide operating temperature range, and power and safety lockouts for servicing, this is the ultimate power distribution unit for safely and reliably providing power to mission critical equipment.”

Ready for rugged environments, this PDU contains hardware designed for operating at a high altitude (up to 30,000 feet), MIL-STD connector inputs and outputs, a MIL-STD LAN connector, and LED power-on indicators for each outlet. This PDU can be customized to provide sequencing, emergency power off (EPO), transfer switches, elapsed time indicators, a local power meter, and more.


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