Industry's Top Energy-Saving, High Static Pressure Releasing the 40×40×15 mm High Air Flow Low Power Consumption Fan "San Ace 40" GA Type

SANYO DENKI CO., LTD. has developed the 40×40×15 mm low power consumption fan "San Ace 40" GA type. This product features industry's top energy saving and high static pressure, industry's top class high air flow and low sound pressure level. *1 Power consumption is reduced to approx. 46 % and sound pressure level is ideal while achieved max. air flow is increased to approx. 1.8 times, max. static pressure is increased to approx. 2 times compared with our conventional fan. It achieves the energy saving and the environmental preservation of customer's equipment.

It is best cooling solution for server, power supply, storage, communications equipment and liquid crystal display. It has the PWM speed control function for external fan speed control.


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