“Energy-generation / Energy-storage”-type EV Charging Systems to Provide Renewable Energy to Japan’s Roadside Stations

Nichicon Corporation is providing “energy-generation/energy-storage”-type EV charging stations to two roadside stations (highway rest areas) in Fukui Prefecture, Japan. To be installed at the Seaside Takahama and Natasho roadside stations, the systems generate carbon-free solar power that is stored and combined with power from the grid to rapidly charge EVs (electric vehicles) and to power necessities such as LED lighting. Nichicon is also providing the same type of system to Kinoko no Mori park and to the Joho Kosaten information center, both also in Fukui Prefecture.

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) is intent on making the 987* roadside stations throughout Japan into temporary evacuation shelters for times of disaster. With roadside stations being equipped with facilities such as independent power generation units and portable restrooms so that they can act as local emergency shelters, Nichicon’s “energy-generation/energy-storage”-type EV charging stations can be used not just to charge environmentally friendly EVs, but also to act as stable sources of emergency power in case of a disaster. This sale, Nichicon’s first of a charging system to a roadside station, brings our technologies to the assistance of the local government’s of Takahama Town and Oi Town, whose aim is to provide dependable power in times of emergency.


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