Efficient, High Brightness LED Controller Introduced by Saelig

Saelig Company Inc. has introduced the LED-Warrior01 modules, a LED control module designed to provide constant current output for driving up to 7 high brightness LEDs. These step-down power supply modules provide 350 mA, 700 mA, or 1000 mA for LEDs, with a maximum output power of 24W and an efficiency of up to 95 % from input voltage of 7V to 30V.  LED-Warrior01 regulators can be used in a wide range of low voltage lighting applications with multiple LED groups.

LED brightness can be controlled with LED-Warrior01 modules via analog or PWM signals, and when the LEDs are switched off, the modules go into a low consumption standby mode, consuming less than 40 uA. A primary design goal for the LED-Warrior01 has been exceptional reliability by avoiding components like electrolytic capacitors, making sure the electronics perform to specification longer than the LED. Primary design constraints for the LED-Warrior01 have been energy efficiency, reliability, and cost/performance ratio. The resulting product is a low-cost, point-of-load regulator board that is compact (1” x 0.8”) and allows easy integration into lighting solutions. The low input voltage design allows for use in existing low voltage installations, including on-board power in vehicles.

Recently, LEDs have become a viable alternative for general lighting applications. Compared to traditional light sources, LEDs offer a much longer life cycle and, in most cases, significantly better energy efficiency. But the technical hurdles in designing LED-based luminaires are higher than with traditional light sources. Designing reliable electronics to efficiently drive the LEDs is often a challenge for lighting manufacturers. But LED-Warrior01 regulators offer a simple, easy solution for most low voltage LED lighting situations.


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