Compact USB2.0 Isolator Introduced by Saelig

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the USB2ISO - an isolated USB 2.0 adapter with built-in 400mA/5V power source.  No external power supply needed for this USB 2.0 FullSpeed (12Mbps) galvanic isolator, which provides data and power isolation to 1kV.

Ideal for protecting computers from the ground loop hazards of attached USB devices, USB2ISO is suitable for lab as well as field use since it is so compact (2 x 1 x ½ in). The USB2ISO features a standard USB-A plug for the PC connection, and a USB-A socket for the USB cable or device, and has an operating temperature range of -40degC to 50degC. The USB2ISO is designed around Analog Devices’ Adum4160/Adum3160, which produces a high grade Class 3 isolated 5V power supply.

Simply plug a USB device into the USB2ISO’s connector and then plug the USB2ISO into a hub or PC: the PC and the USB device now have no electrical connection but can still communicate at up to 12Mbps. No special software is required since the USB2ISO is transparent to the USB communication. USB2ISO also supplies up to 400mA from the PC to the USB device - with no direct electrical connection - to drive external sources.  (Note that 400mA may be insufficient to charge cellphones, etc.)

USB devices can now be protected and detached from other ground potentials without the ground loops that could harm PCs, USB devices, or other attached electronic devices. This is most helpful for protecting electronic circuits when performing critical measurements (e.g. with USB logic analyzer, USB A/D measurements, oscilloscope, I/O ports, etc.) or connecting with USB printers, soundcards, or amplifiers.


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